Jon Rissing

Jon grew up in Columbus, briefly departing to Iowa to attend Grinnell College and study studio art and mathematics. During his course of study at Grinnell, Jon became interested in specific characteristics of materials like paper and paint. Two questions in particular have stuck with Jon throughout his time as an artist:

What are the physical aspects of these materials that make them suitable for art? In asking this question, Jon wants to allow his materials to speak for themselves. In essence, these paintings demonstrate visually the "paintness" of paint and seek to answer "what can paint do that nothing else can do?"

How do these materials relate to the artist’s process? Of course, process and material are intimately intertwined and both inform the other as a piece develops. Jon wants his pieces to lead viewers on an exploration of this relationship; the art is a negotiation between the artist’s process and the materials and the end result is both a history of and the culmination of this negotiation. Jon will be the first to admit he does not always win.

Since returning from Iowa, Jon works primarily out of his studio at the 400 W. Rich building. Jon has also worked for a private tutoring company for the past seven years. He loves partnering with kids and parents of all grade levels and ages to help them develop customized plans to reach their long term goals.

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