Axel Cuevas Santamaria

The present moment is inevitable. My work invites the audience to experience the phenomenological perception of the physical plane to activate the poetry that alleviates our inescapable complex human condition. This poetry allows me to more deeply explore my fears of the irreversible alterations of our ecosystem.

Like the ephemeral shadow projections used in cave storytelling, or the incorporeal images revealed by scrying through obsidian mirrors, my work is the vehicle I use to contemplate the impermanence of time and the illusion of reality.

Recent Posts

Options For TMJ Disorder Treatment

Options For TMJ Disorder Treatment

You may not think much about TMJ disorder unless a dentist diagnoses you with it. This is a serious condition that can cause much pain and discomfort. Untreated, this disorder can make it difficult to chew and even speak. Instead of suffering and being in agony, you can speak to your dentist. Fortunately, relief is…

Smile Makeover:   Different Solutions For Missing Teeth

Smile Makeover: 3 Different Solutions For Missing Teeth

Choosing a general dentist to perform a smile makeover is something many dental patients are now doing, as this type of dental professional is one who can offer their patients a variety of smile makeover options. It is essential for anyone interested in making over their smile to choose a dental professional they feel confident…